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Article: Mashup


Watch Kevin Schulz's breakdown one of our best-selling models, the Mashup. This one's been a team and staff favorite for years, and will be your new favorite hybrid shape for everyday waves.

Created by Dan Mann and Rob Machado, this board excels in 1-5' waves and has a lot of range given the fin combinations the five-fin box setup allows.

Two minds combined. Rob Machado and Dan Mann have created the Mashup: a melding of each of their most popular designs, the Seaside and the Spitfire.

Both board designers have spent time mixing and matching their favorite elements of each shape, and they’ve landed at something that goes fast in weak waves as well as a Seaside, and also drives vertically in good waves as well as the Spitfire. The Mashup is the ultimate groveler you'll never want to take out of your trunk.