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The future under your feet.

Our boards are built differently. From the concepts behind them, to the materials that are used - all of which stems from our proprietary technology.

Construction techniques

Part of pushing surfboard performance is pushing the manufacturing techniques used to create them. We introduced parabolic rails in 2005, Volcanic lamination in 2022, and are always working to iterate further towards that next feeling we know is just a prototype away.


From the inside out, our surfboards are very different from others on the rack. Starting with LFT in 2016, to Helium in 2017, to I-Bolic in 2023, we create cores for our desired flex, strength and control.


We've gone to great lengths to source the newest, highest-caliber materials to build our products, without compromising performance nor sustainability. From aerospace-grade composite deck skins to eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cloths and resins, we utilize the highest quality options available to deliver the best surfing experience possible.