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Fun, by design. 

We wake up every morning grateful to continue on our mission to inspire and enhance the surfing experience, and improve the lives of surfers and our amazing community through innovative and quality surf products built with the least environmental impact possible.

We thank each and every one of you for joining us for the ride, and we’ll see you in the water. 🤙

Press play below to watch Fun By Design:

Founded in 2006, Firewire surfboards' mission is to inspire and enhance the surfing experience through innovative, high quality surf products made with the least environmental impact possible. In 2016, eleven-time World Champion Kelly Slater launched his namesake Slater Designs brand, featuring a signature collection of surfboards and surf accessories made with a deep commitment to leadership in sustainability without sacrificing performance. Today, Firewire Surfboards and Slater Designs are distributed in more than 60 countries worldwide offering leading designs by some of the world's most talented surfboard designers in addition to a range of premium surf accessories essential to the surfing experience.

There are very few world-class surfers who also design and shape boards, and Rob Machado is one of them.

Rob has been at the center of Firewire since 2016, and he is behind many of our most popular shapes. For good reason: his specialty is fun. Fun shapes and fun fin templates, for fun waves - surfboards that are perfectly suited for the waves that most surfers ride.

His constant pursuit of the perfect hybrid has spawned shapes like the Seaside, Too Fish, Sunday, and Seaside & Beyond, as well as the Mashup, his popular collaboration with fellow Firewire shaper Dan Mann.

A world-class shaping talent and waterman to the core, Dan Mann’s ocean pedigree extends beyond just surfing, having won the Catalina Classic, Moloka’i to O'ahu, and more of the world’s most prestigious paddle board races. 

Mentored by San Diego shaping legend Mike Eaton, Dan shaped his first surfboards on the sand in south San Diego while working as a City Lifeguard in the 90s.

Today he’s on a mission to make performance surfing accessible to all by design, and he’s successfully achieved this goal via Firewire shapes like the Sweet Potato, Dominator 2.0, and Mashup, as well as Slater Designs shapes with Kelly Slater like the S Boss, Boss Up, FRK+ and others.

Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson has always been at the tip of the innovation spear, seeking the pinnacle of functional design via avant garde means.

Renown for his signature Quad-Inside-Single-Concave modern planing hull bottom, featuring four channels shaped into a single concave contour, in addition to his double bat tail seen on the Omni, Sci-Fi and Cymatic, Daniel avoids ‘normal’ at all costs.

With a cult-like following worldwide, find some of Tomo's shapes in the lineup near you including: Sci-Fi 2.0, Cymatic, Revo, and Hydroshort.