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Endorfins Twin + 2 Fin Set

Sale price$180.00 AUD

Kelly Slater's twin fin template, that comes with two trailer options.

Fin System:

Fin System



Kelly Slater’s twin fin template, packaged with two separate trailer options.

The 11x World Champion on the Twin + 2 fin set: “I started surfing on twin fins and obviously as surfing transitioned in the early 80’s to thrusters, I went along with it. Over the years I have dabbled in twin fins, but only recently have I spent much time really refining board and fin designs for a performance twin. This fin design is what I settled on while wanting tight, in the pocket surfing and not the feeling of having too much fin.”

Single Tab variants are compatible with Futures' fin system.

Wave Type

Kelly Slater's twin fin set, designed for a performance twin shape. Though it was designed for tight pocket surfing, this set has incredible range, in large part provided by two trailers that allow for 3 different configurations. It works well in high-performance critical waves, but also is tons of fun when groveling in small waves.

Fin Features

The twin fins take cues from an upright twin performance template, and come packaged with two separate trailer options, resulting in three different riding configurations. Kelly's goal for this template was to provide the best of both worlds - having just enough surface area to work in small, flat waves, but not too much surface area for surfing at higher speeds.