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Article: Endorfins Twin + 2

Endorfins Twin + 2

Explore three different twin fin options in one fin set.

"Twin fin surfing requires a different approach to using the rail and pushing or holding back a touch on your turns and I believe it's an essential board design for everyone's quiver. I foresee myself spending more time in the remaining years of my surfing riding twin fins than traditional performance boards and it makes me excited for small wave surfing more than I've felt in years."

- 11x World Champ, Kelly Slater

The "Stabilizer"

The two twin fins come packaged with two separate trailer options, the larger one is called the "Stabilizer." This larger trailer option enables more drive and hold - the trailer you might throw in when the waves are cuppier and more hollow.

The "Guitar Pick"

The smaller, second trailer option is called the "Guitar Pick." This option creates a freer experience, with less directional drive and more slide, second only to the uninhibited lateral freedom of surfing the Twin + 2 as a pure Twin Fin.