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Article: Single Sessions Ep. 3: Mashup with Kevin Schulz

Single Sessions Ep. 3: Mashup with Kevin Schulz

Join Kevin Schulz in Single Sessions Episode 3 featuring the Firewire Surfboards Mashup in Helium Technology by Dan Mann and Rob Machado.

A perfect blend of the Seaside and Dominator II models, the Mashup is the best of Rob Machado and Dan Mann’s surfboard designing minds combined.

This is your window into a complete morning of surfing on Kevin’s favorite everyday shape, complete with his fin recommendations, preferred conditions, sizing advice, tail shape info and more. Watch Kevin Schulz surf an entire session, unedited. The makes, the misses, the A waves, and the lower than average waves, and everything in-between.

Single Sessions is your opportunity to eaves drop on aspirational performances in relatable waves – the world’s best surfers in everyday conditions riding Firewire and Slater Designs shapes built in Helium and I-Bolic Technology.